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 Hollow Cathode Lamps from Heraeus Noblelight
 HCL Power Supply  More information on the C610 power supply for Cathodeon/Heraeus Noblelight hollow cathode lamps
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   Since the friendly takeover of Cathodeon and IST Spectral Technologies, Heraeus Noblelight offers a large variety of high-quality hollow cathode lamps. Heraeus hollow cathode lamps are fitted as originals by many of the worlds foremost atomic absorption instrument manufacturers and as replacements by many end-users.

The Heraeus lamp program includes approx. 70 single- and more than 120 multi-element lamps in the versions "Standard" and "Perkin Elmer" and, therefore covers a wide range of instruments. Where appropriate, these lamps are available with data-coded bases, allow-
ing the instrument to automatically identify the lamp element. In addition, a range of lamps specifically designed for use with Smith-Hieftje background correction systems is available.

Hollow Cathode Lamp Type 37 mm Standard   Hollow Cathode Lamp Type 50 mm PerkinElmer Aanalyst Coded
37 mm standard hollow cathode lamp   50 mm hollow cathode lamp (Perkin Elmer AAnalyst coded)

Heraeus 37 mm hollow cathode lamps are suitable for most commercial atomic absorption spectrometers: Analytik Jena, Baird Atomic, Beckman, Chemtech Analytical, Corning-EEL (Evans), Fisher Jarrell-Ash, GBC, Hitachi, Instrument Laboratory, Jenoptik, Unicam, Rank-
Hilger, Scintrex, Shandon Southern, Shimadzu, Thermo Jarrell-Ash, Varian, Zeiss. AAS instruments manufactured by PerkinElmer re-
quire lamps with a diameter of 50 mm (2 inches). Non-coded lamps come with a 9-pin connector.

Coded Hollow Cathode Lamps

We offer a large variety of data-coded single- and multi-element lamps for instruments manufactured by PerkinElmer, Thermo-Unicam and Varian. Data coded lamps incorporate in the base or connector a unique electronic configuration which the instrument recognises and uses to set default operating parameters for the routine analysis of that element. The electronic configuration of the data-coding is specific to each instrument manufacturer and is not interchangeable.


Heraeus hollow cathode lamps are warranted to emit spectra for a period of 24 months from the date of despatch or 5000 mA hours us-
age, whichever occurs first. Lamps for Smith-Hieftjte systems are warranted for 500 hours with the exception of the elements As, La, Sb and Tl (150 hours), Bi, Cs, Na, Si and Ti (200 hours), Te and K (300 hours).


By clicking on the chemical element of interest in the drop-down list on the left, you will receive further details such as operating data and order information.

     Information gained from part numbers, for example 3QNYxx-xx or 5UNxx-xx:

3 or 5
Q, U or B
N or A
X or Y
37 mm or 50 mm
Window material: Quartz, UV-Glass or Borosilicate
Gas fill: Ne or Ar
Shape (only 37 mm lamps)
Chemical element
Smith-Hieftje (Self-Reversal, Giant Pulse)
Thermo-Unicam coded
Varian coded
Perkin Elmer AAnalyst coded

For further questions, please don't hesitate to contact us.

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